AISTS Client Team Projects

AISTS Client Team Projects run from the mid November until the end of June and are performed by groups of 3 - 5 participants on a real topic for a real client. 

These projects cover a wide range of topics, for example marketing, communications, social media, business strategy, development, event management, sustainability, sport for all and CSR (corporate social responsibility). 

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The goal of AISTS MAS in Sport Administration Team Projects is to provide a low cost, high quality project resource to sport organisations by proposing new ideas and feasible solutions that are relevant in a practical context.

Project Fee

The project fee is set at CHF 6’000 excluding VAT and project related expenses. Project related expenses must be submitted by the project team to the client and approval must be obtained before any expenses are incurred.

Size of the Teams

Project teams are limited from between 3 to 5 participants. The composition of the groups is formed by the AISTS based on the participants’ skills, experience, interests, and with the objective of achieving balance and diversity across all project groups.


November to June

On-going work on projects occurs througout the 8 months. The participants are responsible for staying in contact with their clients. Regular meetings with AISTS supervisors will be scheduled to follow up on the development of the project.

Delivery of the written report to the client is due in June along with the team presentation at the MSI to the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration Scientific Committee and to the client. Presentations are open to the public but can be closed on the client’s request.

Final Report

The final written report is a 15 – 25 page document (excluding appendices) written in English. In case the final report is requested in French, then an additional 8 page minimum report will be submitted in English. The costs of the printed reports are to be agreed upon and covered by the client.

Oral Presentation

Each group will present its report orally to the Client and the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration Scientific Committee. The presentation will be open to public but can be closed on the client’s request.


The evaluation of the team project is done by members of the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration Scientific Committee on the basis of the written report, the oral presentation and the feedback from the client (i.e. customer satisfaction).

Please contact the AISTS office for more information on the cost, scope and feasibility of potential projects:

AISTS Founders