Deadlines, Fees & Funding

Application Deadlines

There are three deadlines to apply for the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration 2021 edition:

  • 1st November 2019
  • 1st February 2020
  • 1st May 2020

Applications will be reviewed by the AISTS Selection Committee shortly after each deadline and if an application meets all criteria this person will be contacted to have a Skype interview.  Participants should expect an answer from us within 6 weeks from the deadline.

Applications for the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration 2021 will open on the 1st of September. The AISTS MAS in Sport Administration and Technology 2021 programme will commence at the end of September 2020.

We encourage potential participants to apply early to secure their place on the programme. There are three deadlines in order to give the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration Scientific Committee more time to process the applications. Application requirements are exactly the same for each deadline.

Course Fees

Course fees for the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration 2020 edition amount to CHF 29'000 (Swiss francs).

These are tuition fees and therefore do not include the costs of travel, board and lodging.

If the application is successful, the participant will need to pay CHF 29'000 in two instalments.

The first instalment amounting to CHF 19'000 should be paid by:

  • Participants accepted at the 1st deadline will need to pay by the 10th January 2019
  • Participants accepted at the 2nd deadline will need to pay by the 10th April 2019
  • ​Participants accepted at the 3rd deadline will need to pay by the 10th July 2019

The second instalment of CHF 10'000 is due by 10th November 2019 for applicants of ALL deadlines.

Cancellation policy:

For any cancellation on or prior to:

  • Participants accepted at the 1st deadline: 31st January 2019
  • Participants accepted at the 2nd deadline: 30th April 2019
  • Participants accepted at the 3rd deadline: 31st July 2019

the AISTS will reimburse CHF 7'000, but will retain CHF 12'000.

After 31st January 2019 (1st deadline applicants), 30th April 2019 (2nd deadline applicants) or 31st July 2019 (3rd deadline applicants), there will be no reimbursement.

The average cost of living in Lausanne for insurance, board and lodging: CHF 2'400 per month (which is approximately Euros 2,200 or US Dollars 2,500* per month).

*values vary according to currency exchange rate fluctuations

Funding Possibilities

AISTS Scholarships


US-Federal Student Aid (FSA)

The Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) satisfies the definition of an eligible institution for the purpose of granting to regular students at the EPFL an in-school deferment of repayment of Federal Family Education Program Loans and Federal Direct Student Loans.

OPE ID NUMBER 04026300

The OPE ID Number is a unique identifier for the EPFL. More details concerning FSA loan programs can be found here.

PostGrad Solutions Study Bursaries

PostGrad Solutions offers study bursaries to students accepted into various academic programmes. More information can be found here.

AISTS Founders