Alumni Mentorship Programme

Mentorship Programme

The AISTS MAS in Sport Administration Mentorship Programme is run by the AISTS with the support of the AISTS Alumni Committee. It is a purely voluntary programme which seeks to strengthen the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration network and enhance the experience of current participants and the alumni. 

The vision of the Mentorship Programme is to create a platform for academic, professional and social development for both AISTS MAS in Sport Administration participant-Mentees and alumni-Mentors in order to foster a successful and sustainable AISTS MAS in Sport Administration community.

How it works

The AISTS along with the Alumni Committee will allocate a mentor to each current class participant, matching as closely as possible their professional working experiences and cultural backgrounds.  The annual 'Meet & Greet' alumni event occurs shortly after this process giving the mentor and mentee an opportunity to meet in a social environment and have a chat over a drink.  The minimum requirements from then on are just a short catch up each month between each pair. 

Why become a mentor?

Here are 4 good reasons:

  1. Achieve personal career gains
  2. Enhance your leadership skills
  3. Help shape the leaders of tomorrow
  4. Gain the intrinsic rewards of helping others

Sign up to be an AISTS Alumni Mentor

If you are a current AISTS MAS in Sport Administration graduate and would like to mentor a current participant, please click the sign up button below or contact the AISTS or your AISTS Alumni Committee.

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