Alumni Committee

AISTS Alumni Committee

The AISTS Alumni is served by a committee voted in by its members every two years.

The alumni committee can be reached at :

Objective of the Committee

The objectives of the AISTS Alumni Committee is to serve the alumni group by facilitating interaction between its members and strengthening the network through offering various services to its members.

Current Projects

  • AISTS Mentorship Programme,
  • Update of AISTS Alumni database platform and social media presence,
  • Alumni survey
  • Alumni sports workshops

Communication Channels

Current members of the AISTS Alumni can stay in contact with alumni and AISTS news, while keeping an eye on job opportunities, by joining and following the following communication channels:

Committee Members

Nikki Symmons (2014), President
Former International Hockey player, constantly challenging myself and my team to become better and stronger. With all the defeats and the wins that come from my previous career I have learned how to work hard and never stop pushing the boundaries. As a passionate sports person I thrive on using twelve years of experience as an elite athlete to the dynamic setting of the sports business world. A highly motivated leader in my sport, I will be bringing positive and creative skills to my role within the AISTS Alumni. 

Marely Flores (2008), Vice President
I have a combined background of music performance, marketing and sports management mixed with working and living in several countries. My motivation of being in the committee is the possibility to bring together the alumni community and contribute to its development and growth. We are a very diverse group of people with a common passion for sports. I believe that each one of us can contribute with something unique. Feel free to share your ideas with us.

Andrea Marcellini (2009), AISTS Liason
I chose a sport that is fun, hard, muddy and dusty: mountain biking. This sport also taught me the rewards of hard work and discipline and introduced me to great people and a lifelong passion for the outdoors. It also pointed me in the direction of my professional career, where I spent almost 15 years working in cycling. I'm now back to where I met international sports business, collaborating with the AISTS. I'm involved with the current MAS class helping them with Team Projects and event-related tasks. In this committee, I hope to be able to build upon the work done by previous members and add value to our individual careers by making the AISTS MAS a brand that lives on way after we’ve graduated.

Tarek Saidi (2015), General Secretary
Action-driver, people-person, resourceful - I am a creative and high energy individual that enjoys connecting people and unlocking potential opportunities. At 32 years old, Lebanese by origin, I consider myself lucky to have lived in different corners of the globe and now be founding a base in Switzerland closer to the AISTS family. As a committee member, I aim to more actively contribute to a community that has given him a chance to make strong friendships and professional relations. With a rich network and experience across various industry sectors, I hope to bring fresh thinking and propose ways to drive further engagement amongst the group and paths for collaboration.

Bruna Di Napoli (2010), Finance
A tennis player at heart, with an engineering mind, my multicultural upbringing has shaped me personally, since my early years. Being born in Brazil and having lived in Italy, The Netherlands, England, Switzerland and Thailand, along the way one of the few constants in my life for me was sports.  For all of us sport is our passion and through sport, we are continuously building a community together, that precedes our academic year with the AISTS.  As our alumni network continues to grow and expand in all four corners of the world, I’d like to reach out further, reconnect with continental representatives and establish a series of reoccurring events that will become the tradition of the AISTS Alumni yearly calendar - because traditions are what provide us with a sense of belonging.

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