Sport Technology & Innovation

Sport is a breeding ground for technology and innovation, with the industry’s stakeholders all playing an increasingly significant role and the growing number of ways technology is evolving sports.

The AISTS is in a unique position to bridge the gap between technology and sport by bringing together the expertise of scientists and researchers from esteemed universitiesuniversitities, with athletes, international sports organisations and sports industry as a whole.

The AISTS facilitates the development and implementation of technology and its application in sport, supports approval processes, and promotes workshops and seminars, focusing on the areas of equipment, infrastructure and digital technologies, with the support of our Sports Technology Scientific Advisor, Prof. Jan-Anders Månsson.

Implementation of Technology

AISTS’s current and past projects are driving change within international sports organisation, by benchmarking and proposing practical solutions in collaboration with industry and academia.


  • Innovative solution in clothing
  • Scoring and measuring systems
  • Protective gear
  • Safety and standards of equipment

Homologation of Sport Equipment & Apparel

AISTS provides complete support to sports federations for the development, implementation and management of new or existing homologation processes: developing testing methodology and testing devices for approval processes (including legal aspects), compling with international standards and norms (ISO, ENs).


  • Competition attire
  • Sporting equipment
  • Infrastructures

Sport-Tech Events

Events and workshops bringing the world of sport and technology together: where representatives of international sport organisations and high-tech innovators come together to share challenges and find solutions, and to collaborate over a common platform. 


  • ACCELERATE "Connecting Sport & Innovation" Workshop

The unique aspect of ACCELERATE is that the programme itself is designed to fit the specific needs of international sport organisations on a given topic, chosen on a yearly basis.

In order to create content that is of interest and value to the invited organisations, we conduct a preparatory study based on individual interviews with sport organisations and key stakeholders. Start-ups, speakers and moderators are carefully chosen based on the results of this study.

AISTS and its partners aim to develop ACCELERATE as a unique platform which, in addition to the annual workshops, provides support to various innovation initiatives throughout the year. The objective of ACCELERATE is to encourage innovation dynamics in sport by creating an ongoing dialogue between sport organisations and high-tech innovators.

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