Local Games Organising Committee seeks to deliver on Capability Legacy

The Client: Baku 2015 Games Academy  

The Brief: The Baku 2015 Games Academy was established by the Baku 2015 European Games Operation Committee to help develop the skills and Games knowledge of team members, as well as supporting the personal and professional development of university graduates from Azerbaijan and Europe through the Graduate Excellence Programme.

The challenge set by the Games Academy was to develop a tailored programme to provide Baku 2015 staff - who ranged from new graduates to seasoned professionals – with a broad overview of the current sporting landscape.

The Solution:

To help provide Games staff with an integrated understanding of the latest issues and developments shaping today’s sports industry, the AISTS team created and delivered a tailored seven-part monthly presentation series in the months leading up to the Games.

Topics were introduced through a cohesively-designed curriculum that included the areas of Technology & Innovation, Marketing & Storytelling, Physical Activity & Health, Drugs & Doping, Corruption & Match-fixing, Ethics & Leadership and Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship.

International experts were also brought to the Organising Committee’s headquarters in Baku, including Ms Caroline Rowland, one of the top ten most influential people in the Bid for the London 2012 Olympics, Professor Jan-Anders Manson, AISTS President and Chairman of the FINA Swimwear Approval Commitee and Mr Frédéric Donzé, WADA’s Director for the European Regional Office and International Federation Relations.

The end result:

  • Close to 800 Baku 2015 employees attended, achieving the participation rate objective   
  • 90% of participants felt satisfied or highly satisfied with the presentation
  • 94% found attending the presentations useful or highly useful for their current position or future career

Our highlights:

  • Being part of the first ever European Games
  • Meeting young, aspiring sports managers from Azerbaijan
  • Contributing to the capability legacy of the Baku 2015 Games
  • Discovering a unique part of the world

Words from Baku 2015:

The Baku 2015 European Games Operations Committee (BEGOC) is responsible for providing all the expertise and workforce needed to complete the planning, testing and delivery of the inaugural European Games.

As a country, Azerbaijan has never hosted a major sports event of this scale and complexity before. It meant a unique opportunity to rapidly build the capability of the team to plan and deliver the Games.

This was driven through the Baku 2015 Games Academy – an innovative and impactful learning programme developed to assist in building the skills and knowledge required to deliver the Games and leave a lasting capability legacy in Azerbaijan.

A range of partners supported the delivery of the Games Academy, including the AISTS, who we asked to help increase the team’s understanding of the latest issues and developments shaping today’s sporting landscape.

The AISTS were quick to understand what BEGOC needed and were able to design a bespoke solution from academic expertise which complemented the offerings from other partners.

Their seven-part presentation series delivered in Baku over a period of eight months contributed to increased engagement across the BEGOC team and will support people’s ongoing development in sport and management more generally.

Gavin McAlpine, Director of Operational Capability and Readiness
Baku 2015

Words from attendees:

'Actually, thank you for that amazing, fantastic presentation!!!! it was very useful for everyone.'

'I enjoyed the presenter's hard work and enthusiasm on the topic. Appreciated. Learnt much about those issues. Thanks. :)'

These are good sessions, taking us away from our day-to-day roles to look at the wider issues that surrounds us.

'The trainer managed to deliver very interesting and complicated information in a very interesting and easy way. Looking forward to the next presentation.'

'The presentation was very helpful to build my career and looking forward to attend relevant courses again.Thanks'

About the Baku 2015 Games Academy

The Baku 2015 Games Academy is an innovative and impactful learning programme designed to build the skills and knowledge to deliver the Games and leave a lasting capability legacy in Azerbaijan. The Games Academy is supported by a number of delivery partners, with BP, the multinational oil and gas company, being the exclusive Official Partner. The consultancy Broadstone developed the Games Academy concept and led on content across a broad range of areas including event management, operational planning and readiness. Baku’s ADA University has delivered core skills courses aimed at improving workplace effectiveness, while presentations from the International Academy of Sports Science and Technology (AISTS) and the International Olympic Academy (IOA) have developed participants’ understanding of academic studies related to the sports world.

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