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Richard Heath, European Golf Association, Australian, 2005 Alumni

The move proved to be a life-changing decision I will never regret. There was a unique mix of sporting know-how and experience from within the student body and an incredibly broad range of topics studied under the direction of industry leaders.  As it turned out, an introduction from one of the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration professors earned me a research project of immediate importance to Europe’s entire golfing community. This undertaking, combined with the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration qualification and my previous sporting background and experience, resulted in a successful application for a management role in one of the world’s premier golf organisations. More than 10 years down the track, I am now running the organisation as General Secretary.

Mario Azevedo, International Volleyball Federation, Brazilian, 2009 Alumni

A brand new world was open to me through the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration. The programme allowed me to understand in depth what I love the most – Sports. The AISTS MAS in Sport Administration has a team of fully qualified and experienced teachers. The speakers have a strong background in the sports industry and have been helpful in providing ways for students to connect with many sorts of sports entities.  The great relationship between the AISTS and the International Olympic Committee and the International Federations gives the students a much better chance to have a foot in the door.

Chantal Buchser, International Olympic Committee, American & Swiss, 2011 Alumni

The AISTS MAS in Sport Administration experience was incredible. I joined a class of students from around the world of varying backgrounds and levels of experience, all passionate and motivated to contribute to the world of sport. Together, we learned from our professors and experts, learned from each other, and had the opportunity to visit with and meet some of the top experts in this field.  I left the programme with a solid foundation of knowledge, which allowed me to jump right in and actively contribute to this dynamic and ever-evolving industry.

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