In a few words...

The AISTS's mission  is to bring a positive contribution to the management of sport through post-graduate and executive education, as well as applied research, by developing, integrating and delivering knowledge from human sciences, life sciences and engineering sciences.

The AISTS applies a multidisciplinary approach to postgraduate education, continuing professional education, and applied research in sport.

The AISTS focuses its activities on three key pillars:

Education; developing higher education in sports through adapted programmes. 

Applied Research, studies, expertise and consulting; providing knowledge and expertise to sport stakeholders by applying a multi-disciplinary approach 

Connections; acting as a connector inside the world of sport as well as an interface connecting actors outside the sports domain with sport stakeholders.

What are the objectives of the AISTS?

•  To design, develop, administer, and run educational sports programmes, in particular for sport leaders and sport managers

•  To conduct studies and mandates 

•  To provide consulting services at regional, national and  international levels

•  To interface between sport federations and research institutions 

•  To facilitate sport innovation and technology transfer

•  To promote Lausanne, the Olympic Capital and its areas as an international hub for sports institutions

Why is the AISTS so unique?

•  The International Olympic Committee is a founding member of AISTS foundation

•  Strong links to the Olympic Movement through many projects and partnerships

•  Main headquarters in Lausanne, the Olympic Capital

•  Connections in the sports world

•  Swiss universities with top World rankings are founding members: IMD Business School, EPFL, EHL (Lausanne Hotel School), UNIL (University of Lausanne), UNIGE (University of Geneva)

•  Multidisciplinary expertise

•  Scientific knowledge and real-world expertise

•  Swiss quality of excellence

AISTS Founders